The Repat Foundation – The Road Home’s Music in the Wards Program is a significant part of the clinical setting at the Repatriation General Hospital (RGH) aiding the healing process for patients. We caught up with Michael Nietz, Clinical Services Coordinator from the RGH’s Ward 1 Geriatric Evaluation and Management Unit (GEM) to find out about the importance of this program in his area of work.

Having worked at the RGH for close to 29 years, Michael is extremely proud of the level of care the RGH has provided to patients over the years.

“The philosophy of Ward 1 GEM is to receive patients that are struggling at home for one reason or another and then give them as much support and assistance as possible to try to get them back home with a higher quality of life,” Michael said.

“We feel these patients need a lot of respect and must be treated with dignity as they are very vulnerable to the challenges of the ageing society. The Music Program is a fantastic opportunity to engage in group socialisation and normality of lifestyle. The program gives them the opportunity to listen to music from their past, which hopefully bring back positive and happy memories.”

“We’re very grateful to the Music Therapy Group volunteers and the ongoing support of The Friends of The Repat, who have supported The Repat Foundation – The Road Home over the past two years, allowing us to implement the Music in the Wards program.”

At the RGH, Music in the Garden is also provided for the Veteran’s Mental Health Unit, Ward 17. This program is supported by regular volunteer, John Swan ‘Swanee’ who is very popular with patients! Providing sing-a-long style music on request for patients with Post-Traumatic Stress, the program aims to help increase the positive moods of patients, relieve stress and improve socialisation.

We would like to thank the musicians who volunteer or provide us with a charitable rate, assisting us to provide and build this important program!


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