In November last year The Road Home was proud to launch its inaugural Art Exhibition held at the Keswick Barracks from November 18th-26th.

The exhibition celebrated the role of visual arts as a therapeutic outlet and personal expression of the journey of our service community. Many of these artists who exhibited their work are involved in the art therapy and art classes offered through The Road Home Wellbeing Program.

From colourful landscapes, through to portraits, clay sculptures and bows, the art exhibition had a wide range of diverse artworks that each told a very personal story.

All funds raised through the Silent Auction and sale of artwork were directed to vital health and wellbeing research and programs into conditions such as Post-Traumatic Stress to help our servicemen and women.

Amongst the artwork sold through the exhibition was veteran David Gillard’s signature piece ‘The Black Dog’ which was bought by an anonymous buyer and donated to the Australian National Veterans Arts Museum (ANVAM) in Melbourne.

“I was amazed at all the positive responses and encouragement I received from the artwork I exhibited. I sold four paintings, including The Black Dog, which will be exhibited at ANVAM in the New Year and have a permanent display when the space is available,” David said.

“I have only been painting for two and a half years. I am overwhelmed to say the least.”

Please support The Road Home Wellbeing Program for our veterans and emergency service personnel in need, as well as their families.