The Road Home is proud to support the new Australian Centre of Excellence for Post-Traumatic Stress, which is now co-located with clinical care at the Jamie Larcombe Centre, paving the way in research that can be translated into the community.

The Centre of Excellence will be coordinated by The Road Home, providing an exciting opportunity for researchers working on interventional therapies to work closely with

patients and staff. It also allows researchers from all over Australia and internationally to collaboratively undertake research that will benefit the health and wellbeing of veterans.

At its official launch in January 2018, Minister for Health Peter Malinauskas said the new Centre will help to ensure we continue to improve care, innovate and develop a best practice model for veterans’ mental health.

Video from Office of the Premier of South Australia

“South Australians should feel extremely proud of the Centre, which is setting a new international standard in translational research in the field of veterans’ mental health,” said Mr Malinauskas.

It’s the support of The Road Home donors, as part of The Hospital Research Foundation Group that has made this Australian-first Centre of Excellence a reality.

“The Centre of Excellence provides an opportunity for The Road Home to raise more funds philanthropically into veterans’ mental health as the profile of research in this area gains momentum,” said Executive General Manager Karen May.

“It also provides a platform for our work to be shared globally to reduce duplication for work, enhance research outcomes and ultimately create greater efficiency for research funding.”

Dr Jon Lane is one of the many researchers whose research will benefit from the new Centre. An army reservist and Australia’s first military psychiatrist to serve in Afghanistan, Dr Lane has now developed a peer-led counselling service for veterans and emergency service personnel. He is now undertaking a PhD through the Centre for Traumatic Stress Studies at the University of Adelaide to evaluate and validate the program, with support from The Road Home.

“My research is focused on the development of a service that enables veterans to help their own peers through a qualified level of care. This means we can enhance the health services provided at the Jamie Larcombe Centre by helping patients recover quicker and reducing admissions, which will enhance the overall health of our community and save on healthcare costs,” Dr Lane said.

“It’s fantastic being able to work out of a place where the research can be directly applied toclinical care.”

To find out more about the new Australian Centre of Excellence for Post-Traumatic Stress, please contact Karen May on (08) 7002 0880.

Please give what you can to improve Veterans’ mental health.