The Road Home is proud to announce the formal establishment of The Road Home Wellbeing Program, a framework for delivery of wellbeing services to our veterans and emergency service personnel in need, as well as their families.

The Wellbeing Program will support servicemen and women and their families’ transition from service and/or injury to the next stage of life through a peer support community and wellbeing activities. The program will provide pathways for training, employment and meaningful volunteering options, referrals to appropriate health and care agencies for injuries, adjunct therapies, rehabilitation and recovery programs, community engagement and life skills to support wellbeing.

This will include:

  • Community and peer engagement, volunteering and mentoring opportunities and pathways
  • Group programs and adjunct therapies including physical activities
  • Personal, training and career development – support and referrals
  • One on one support coordination, information and direct referral to appropriate services
  • Learning and research – trialling new projects and evaluating their impact
  • Advocacy and community development – collaborating to improve models of care and wellbeing

“Thanks to our supportive community of donors, community and industry we are thrilled to formally launch our new Wellbeing Program, built on the world-leading independent research carried out by The Road Home,” Executive General Manager Karen May.

“Our new national brand, The Road Home, launched in 2015, is now strengthening our position as a leading national veterans’ health and wellbeing research organisation, which now also supports crucial services for these people in need.

“The Wellbeing Program will provide past and current service members and their families with access to support and strategies to help them be as well as they can be, with no limits. In some cases it will mean improvement or recovery and in others it will mean growth and accomplishment and for everyone it provides hope and pride.”

The Road Home Wellbeing Program – Mission

Whether from the military or emergency services background, the experience of transition, loss or change of meaningful occupation, and or injury, can present challenges for these servicemen and women and their families while they find a new identity, community and purpose. If injured they may find it hard to navigate the health system to secure appropriate treatments and strategies to recover. This can affect mental health and in the worst case scenario may have tragic results such as family breakdown or even suicide. The mission of this model is to assist service individuals and their families to find pathways to be engaged in a meaningful social/peer group whilst accessing programs and pathways addressing their health and wellbeing needs.

Wellbeing Program Calender

Our current program includes activities such as Yoga, Cycling, Sailing, Wheelchair Basketball and Kayaking. To view all the current activities offered  as part of The Road Home Wellbeing Program and more detail, visit the Facebook group 

Please fill out The Road Home Wellbeing Program Registration Form 2017 to join our Wellbeing Program.

Key Contacts

For more information on The Road Home Wellbeing Program, please contact the Program Manager,, 08 7002 0880 or Program Coordinator Mark Reidy,, 0400 925 108.


For media enquiries, please contact Abbey Bell, Senior Communications Manager,, 0401 082 124.