The Invictus Pathways Program is a unique collaboration between our peer support program and tertiary health and science department with the University of South Australia.

Together, with Uni SA, we are the first in Australia to have a program specifically designed to provide support and tailored facilities needed for veterans who are aspiring to compete in the Invictus Games. This includes baseline physiological testing and profiling.

The Invictus Pathways Program provides struggling veterans with something to work towards and a purpose to give them direction, aid in their mental health and encourage them to be active and participate within society.

The key benefits for veterans include:

  • Ongoing support and world class facilities at Uni SA to aid in their training towards the Invictus Games as well as helping them with their injuries, both physical and mental
  • The opportunity to begin a personal journey with a supportive team that will allow them to develop relationships and build up their spirits and have an overall impact on our servicemen and women
  • The benefit of having research conducted alongside their journey, aiding in their long-term recovery and the health and wellbeing of their peers.

The program also includes a new three year PhD Scholarship for a student to investigate the effect of participating in the Invictus Games on current Australian defence force as well as returned service personnel.

Contact Information

For more information on becoming a participant in the Invictus Games please contact the Program Manager,, 08 7002 0880 or Program Coordinator Mark Reidy,, 0400 925 108.