Are you a partner of a member of the defence force? We need your help!

Professor Sharon Lawn has been awarded a grant from The Road Home for her research project, Living Vicariously with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: how partners experience and can better support those who are exposed to traumatic events in the course of their work.

Her aim is to research the impact Post-Traumatic Stress has on partners of contemporary veterans and emergency service personnel to ensure better systems are put in place to help partners to better support their loved ones when experiencing a traumatic event in the course of their work.

Partners of service men and women are encouraged to partake in this PhD research project as currently there is little known about how spouses/partners experience daily life while providing support to loved ones who are affected by trauma that has occurred as a result of their work.

We are now looking for volunteers to be involved in this study.

What is involved?

  • A one on one interview will be conducted with a member of Prof Lawn’s research team who will be exploring your views on how you manage and experience daily life living with a contemporary veteran or emergency service first responder with Post-Traumatic Stress
  • The interview will aim to be no more than 2 hours
  • A digital recorder will be used ensuring the researcher captures your comments accurately.

The outcome?

  • Sharing your experience will assist in the improvement of planning and delivery of future programs
  • Prof Lawn’s aim is to deliver a service and resources to be useful as possible for people.

All answers and personal details will be confidential throughout the study.

Prof Lawn and her research team are all academics with a ranging background of psychologists, social workers and nurses.

This study will help partners who are struggling and are in the unknown of how to help their partner or spouse from suffering this heart-breaking silent injury.

If you would like more information or want to be involved, please contact Elaine Waddell at Wadd0005@flindersuni.com.au (for veterans) or Sharon Lawn by email Sharon.lawn@flinders.edu.au or by phone 0459 098 772.