The Road Home Art Therapy program is the only ongoing individualised Art Therapy program in Australia designed specifically for Defence and Emergency Services personnel with Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms.

The Road Home Art Therapy program is a psychotherapy counselling service which utilises visual arts mediums as part of a therapeutic intervention with a trained psychotherapist. It utilises a combination of supportive therapy, arts practice, and a non-clinical/safe-space environment to help individuals build growth development and improve quality of life.

Please note: This is not a visual arts class. You’re not required to have experience or skill in art practice or learning to do art, but rather using the creative process to develop a narrative for understanding difficult emotions and symptoms.

This program is a one-on-one continuing program in which participants with trauma symptoms:

– Build an ongoing and person-focused therapeutic relationship in a safe space

– Work from the here and now to move forward with growth strategies for wellbeing

– Integrates psychotherapy with visual art mediums of expression to identify thoughts and feelings

– Become more comfortable with their emotions through a creative process

Sessions are held with the Art Therapist, Ms Karin Foxwell. Appointments run for 60-90 minutes on Mondays and Thursdays and are held at The Road Home’s Australian Centre of Excellence for Post-Traumatic Stress, co-located at the Jamie Larcombe Centre in Glenside SA.

There are limited spaces currently available. Please contact the Program Manager on contactus@theroadhome.com.au, 08 7002 0880, or Art Therapist Karin Foxwell kfoxwell@theroadhome.com.au, 0466 850 748, to make an appointment.