After eight years in the Royal Australian Navy, Emilea Mysko faced a mental battle when she was medically discharged from service, leaving her feeling alone and isolated. Today she is gearing up for a different battle, competing in the 2018 Sydney Invictus Games, all possible thanks to your kind support.

“I was in the Navy for such a long time, I couldn’t return to life as it was before I joined. I had grown up, matured and experienced life-changing events. Trying to get back into regular civilian life with my injury proved to be challenging. I felt segregated and alone,” Emilea said.

Thankfully on that dark road Emilea found relief through The Road Home’s Invictus Pathways Program, a collaboration with the University of South Australia, dedicated to training injured veterans to compete in the Invictus Games.

Founded by Prince Harry, the specialised event brings together injured veterans from around the world to compete in various sporting events.

“The Road Home helped me out of the hole I was buried in. I was introduced to cycling, which I could manage despite my injury. I then began the journey of the Invictus Pathways Program, giving me focus and goals to strive towards,” Emilea said.

Today, Emilea continues to strive towards her goals and recently competed in the Warrior Games in Colorado Springs, USA winning gold, silver and bronze for rowing and cycling. Watching her progress was Suzana Freegard, The Road Home’s successful PhD recipient of the Invictus Pathways Scholarship, made possible thanks to your support!

Ms Freegard attended the Warrior Games as part of the scholarship, following the journey our wounded veterans take in preparation for the Invictus Games, producing research findings that will aid their long-term recovery.

“Attending the games allowed me to spend time with the athletes including Emilea during their events and behind the scenes. This gave me a fantastic opportunity to observe the impact of sporting event participation and competition on veterans’ wellbeing, one of the main aims of my research,” Suzana said.

“Monitoring the athletes in this environment gave me a unique insight into some of the challenges they were facing, including managing their health issues and injuries.

“Personally, attending the Warrior Games was an inspirational experience, reinforcing the importance of my research and the need to further investigate the role of sport rehabilitation of injured, sick and wounded veterans.”

Your kind support allows The Road Home to continue funding vital research like Suzana’s and together improve the lives of our veterans like Emilea, helping them rediscover their life after service.

“I am able to believe in myself again and believe I am capable of achieving,” Emilea said.

We wish Emilea the best of luck competing in the Invictus Games this October in Sydney! If you would like to find out more about supporting the Invictus Pathways Program, visit theroadhome.com.au or call (08) 7002 0880.