The Road Home’s art trolley is currently providing service at the Jamie Larcombe Centre, where artist Kaz Pederson is having individual sessions with patients in the comfort of their own room.

After helping veterans battling Post-Traumatic Stress through the art trolley for two years, for Kaz the opportunity to sit with patients for the first time and work with them on their own art project is invaluable and a unique offering for the Jamie Larcombe Centre thanks to The Road Home’s Wellbeing Art Program.

“At the Jamie Larcombe Centre I have the opportunity to take the art trolley through the ward on a Thursday and offer group sessions every Monday with both inpatients and outpatients,” Kaz said.

“It’s really exciting to be offering individual sessions to patients along with group classes as often there is a stigma around art for people and some may not feel confident enough to come along in a group scenario.

“The Jamie Larcombe Centre has been a wonderful venue to host the art classes. There are many gardensso we can paint outdoors and be inspired by all the beautiful things surrounding us.”

The Road Home is proud to continue this art program, providing an invaluable escape for not only veterans battling a silent injury, but also their families.

“Art is a powerful tool as it’s a distraction for both physical and mental pain.”

Many of the artworks produced through Kaz’s art classes were displayed at the inaugural Road Home Art Exhibition held in November 2017.

Please support The Road Home Wellbeing Program for our veterans and emergency service personnel in need, as well as their families.